Mood Pergola

Mood Pergola is the ideal solution for covering very large spaces, such as restaurants, top cover of pools, terraces in front of hotels, kindergarten playgrounds and many other large areas, where you wish to offer minimalist design and maximum comfort of outdoor living.

With the use of larger aluminium profiles provides long-span construction and you gain more freedom in designing the perfect solution for your space. You can have greater spans, less visible columns, bigger overhangs and a more elegant and sleek look. Due to strenght special rail profile you will be capable of bridging a span up to 10.5 meters. Block-out 3 fairy Vinyl PVC fabric is used as the ceiling covering surface, which is the most preferred and reduces the heat and light to minimum values.

Other Luxial products, Garda (Zip Curtain), Nice (Guillotine Window), Basic 56/60, Nova Slide, SF 60 T (Door-Window systems) can be integrated perfectly.

For system security, a special channel has been designed in the front leg profiles, through which electrical lines can pass, which is invisible from the outside and cannot be touched.

Tested resistance of extensive exposure to the sun. Certified protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Capability of electrical motion and remote control.

Great resistance to weather conditions of rain, snow humidity and wind.

Ceiling Movements

In the opening and closing of the fabric in the ceiling, the patented special design has been improved by using 10-wheel drive system.

Rainwater drainage

Free flow water drainage system.


Hidden drainage and power channels


6063 t5 aluminum, stainless steel

Motor Specifications

Additional grounded connection for 24v dc motor (low voltage) more resistant to electric shocks.


Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualanod certified painted, wood patterned and anodized products are guaranteed for 10 years.

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