Tivoli Bioclimatic Pergola

Tivoli Retractable Bioclimatic Pergolas can adjust the shading on your terrace thanks to their fully automatic smart fins. It offers full protection from direct sunlight, allowing as much sunlight as desired and full opening. It enables the regulation of the natural ambient temperature when opened, and creates a fully enclosed water-resistant environment when fully closed.

It is the ideal choice for use in hotels, private homes, residences, restaurants, bars and world-class entertainment venues. It offers different variations according to your needs It can be adapted to the architecture of your existing space or independently self-supporting installation variations can be provided. Its special design that provides ease of installation allows the assembly to be completed in just one day. With its aluminum and stainless-steel material, it is resistant to the adversities of time for many years.


It provides the flexibility to create a comfortable outdoor living space by integrating with other innovative and unique Luxial products. It balances your indoor temperature by keeping the cold and wind out.

Blade dimensions 278 mm x 40 mm. Max blade length 4000 mm.

Weight ≈ 35 kg/m2

Materials // 6063 T5 aluminium, stainless steel and delrin.

RAL Color Selection Coloring of your choice, according to the RAL color standard.

Electrical Motion Capability of electrical motion and remote control and could be manual as well.

Great resistance to weather conditions of rain, snow humidity and wind.

Wind Load Resistance Test

Tested at standard UNE-EN 13659:2004 Class 6 // 112 km/h norms. No breakage was detected.

Snow Load Resistance Test

Standard EN-1999 EUROCODE 9 // 100 kg / m² (including its own weight) aluminium structures  project

Rain Test

Standard UNE-EN 12056-3 // (0.03 l/s max) Fixed heavy rain approx. 108 l.m²/sa (structures + lamels)


Surface coating guaranteed for 10 years.

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