Tilia Bioclimatic Pergola

Tilia Bioclimatic Pergola provides regulation of the natural ambient temperature with microclimate with minimum energy consumption. With its completely aluminum structure, it preserves its form for many years against the adversities of time. It can be adapted to the existing architecture or can be applied as a standalone system.

Its application is very simple. The adjustable fins of the system provide a natural microclimate when opened and provide protection from direct sun by adjusting the angle according to the sun. It forms a completely sealed system to watertight channels.

Other Luxial products are; With Garda (Zip Curtain), Nice (Guillotine Window), Basic 56/60, Nova Slide, SF 60 T (Door-Window systems), you can benefit from four seasons in your space, seamlessly integrated.

Blade dimensions 222 mm x 40 mm. Max blade length 4000 mm. Orientation 0° - 110°.

Weight ≈ 35 kg/m2

Materials // 6063 T5 aluminium, stainless steel and delrin.

RAL Color Selection Coloring of your choice, according to the RAL color standard.

Electrical Motion Capability of electrical motion and remote control and could be manual as well.

Great resistance to weather conditions of rain, snow humidity and wind.

Wind Load Resistance Test

Tested at standard UNE-EN 13659:2004 Class 6 // 112 km/h norms. No breakage was detected.

Snow Load Resistance Test

Standard EN-1999 EUROCODE 9 // 100 kg / m² (including its own weight) aluminium structures  project

Rain Test

Standard UNE-EN 12056-3 // (0.03 l/s max) Fixed heavy rain approx. 108 l.m²/sa (structures + lamels)

Rainwater Drainage

Water is transferred from the grooves on the aluminum lamella profiles to the edge profiles, water is transferred to the feet thereafter.


Hidden drains and electrical lines.


In accordance with specifications for Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualanod. RAL colour, anodized or wood effect finishes are available. 10 years of warranty for finishes.

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