Nora Slide Sliding System

NORA, Sliding Joinery System has a spacious appearance with minimal sections. It allows you to enjoy the view in the most transparent way with the opening and closing of the sliding glass panels.

Its application is quite simple compared to other sliding joinery systems in terms of its design. Cafes, restaurants, pergolas, etc. It is frequently preferred in places. It is also the most elegant looking glass sliding joinery system that can be used to provide partitioning indoors.

It is a complete price performance system with its low cost product. It provides protection against rain with the drainage channels in the rail profiles. In addition, while providing security with the use of tempered single glass, it also allows you to be protected from sunlight. It is extremely useful with its ability to be locked on both sides with the closing of the glass panels.

RAL Color Selection Coloring of your choice, according to the RAL color standard.

System Operation
Glass panels (wings) move on bearings in the rail profile, The wings are gathered in a row to the right or left.

6063 t5 aluminum

Rainwater Drainage
Water is discharged by transferring it towards the outdoors through staggered discharge channels (holes) on the rail profile.

Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualanod certified painted, wood-patterned .

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