Frequently Asked Question

Luxial is available directly from our headquarters based in Istanbul, Turkey. It is sold and installed through our approved partners only, or contact with us.

Luxial is manufactured in our factory, located in the Turkish town of Tekirdag. We supply the extruded profiles from our parent company SARAY, and manufacture the profiles and components ourselves.

Each project created using Luxial product range is made to order. It is therefore impossible to provide an average price. The cost per square metre depends on many factors, including the system chosen, size, configuration, country and other requirements etc.

Installation requires basic technical knowledge as general pergola, window or door installation experience. When in need, our supervisors support. Luxial systems designed to be mounted easily to save time and cost.

The manufacturing time is generally 2 weeks. This does not include the time taken for transport to the required country, installation, or the partners own conditions, etc.

Yes, the Luxial system has been fully tested to ensure it meets the most stringent standards, such as hurricane conditions. Each product has its own technical specifications.

Yes, Luxial has been designed and manufactured to withstand the most varied of climate conditions: mountains, coast, adverse weather, hurricanes, etc.