Why Choose A Modern Bioclimatic Pergola

These kinds of pergolas had been a famous preference for many years

When it comes to garden design a pergola is an attractive feature to implement as it serves as a dedicated shaded outdoor living area to relax in and it provides an aesthetic appeal to your external space. Most traditional wooden pergolas can be made bespoke to your requirements to coincide with your landscape design but are these traditional wooden pergolas enough anymore?

The material the traditional pergolas are made from can be its main vulnerability if this is not maintained and treated. Wood being the main factor of this structure means when it is exposed to the outside elements it can have a detrimental effect causing the wood to rot over time and eventually made irreparable. 

The traditional wooden pergola is a garden feature that has been solely designed for summer purposes as it is unable to be flexible for your needs, if you are looking for a simple summer solution then this is a cost-effective viable option. What if we told you you can get more from a Modern Pergola? A pergola with an automated roof that you can control.

The bioclimatic pergola is a long term investment that will transform your living space and your lifestyle. Its automated watertight louvered roof combined with integrated weatherproof side screens means that you can essentially create a whole new external living space that can be used all year round, not just for summer.

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