Nero Pergola is the ideal solution for the coverage of your professional spaces.
During the four seasons of the year, you can enjoy the open air.

Nero is a openable and closable roof pergola system which is used in terrace, garden, cafe, restaurant, hotel and all commercial areas to add spaciousness and freshness to your spaces.

The working performance of the system has been increased by using special designed patented 10-wheeled car for opening and closing of the fabric at the roof and black out 3-layer vinyl fabric is used on the roof of the system.

Easy to integrate zip screen, sliding glass door, led lighting, guillotine window applications to Nero Pergola. Even when the roof of the system is open, ambient lighting can be done with the led channels in the beams.

Sloping roofs between 5 and 45 degrees can be made. Another feature of the system is that hidden electrical lines can be installed inside the front leg profiles.

Protection from the sun

Natural ventilation

Adjusting of temperature

Protection from rain

Pergolas are subjected to various tests in order to measure their performance in harsh natural conditions. Tests that meet the requirements of International Standards including parameters such as wind resistance, rain and snow. Our pergolas against the conditions show excellent performance.

Materials6063 T5 aluminium, stainless steel and delrin.
Rainwater DrainageFree-flow drainage or slab channeling. Water is transferred from the tent to the edge profiles, water is transferred to the feet thereafter.
Wind Load Resistance TestUNE-EN 13659: 2004 Class 6 // (approx. 112 km / h) not tested up to
190 km / h. No breakage was detected.
Snow Load Resistance TestStandard EN-1999 EUROCODE 9 // 100 kg / m² (including its own weight) aluminum structures project
Rain TestStandard UNE-EN 12056-3 // (0.03 l/s max) Fixed heavy rain approx.
108 l.m²/h (structures + lamels)
Slope Sloped roof with a minimum slope of about 12% (7°)
Maximum dimensionsProjection 7000 mm; Width 4500 mm (2 rails) / 9000 mm (3 rails) / 13000 mm (4 rails)
Motorised operation24V DC motor (low voltage) provides better safety against electric shocks. Additional earthing protection.
FinishesIn accordance with specifications for Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualanod. RAL colour, anodized or wood effect finishes are available. 10 years of warranty for finishes.

Safety is first with hidden drains and electrical lines. Material is 6063 T5 aluminium,

Nero Pergola systems adapt to all configurations of your space with maximum flexibility of solutions and modules.

With 2 Rails; Wmax 4500 mm Pmax 7000mm

With 3 Rails; Wmax 9000 mm Pmax 7000 mm

With 4 Rails; Wmax 13000 mm Pmax 7000 mm

Completed Works