Cost Effective Performance with Thermal Feature

With high carriage capacity, the system can be applied to wide spaces with more than 3 mt sash height & multiple sliding folding sash.

The system has designed with respect to European Norms, and the carrier rollers are on the top. With inside and outside opening possibilities, 24 mm glass fiber re-enforced polyamide thermal-break, EPDM gaskets and special accessories, the system has a great performance at water tightness and air permeability.


  • Ease of fabrication and montage
  • Collectable on both sides
  • Inside and outside opening options
  • Special big-size rollers makes the system moveable even with one
  • Double row gasket system designed for high performance
  • Safe locking system

The system allows over 1 mt width and 3mt height per Sash, with 3-4-6 sash folding sash options. Collecting all the sash to one side, provides max view and saves extra space.


SF 60 T

It has a profile wall thickness between 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm, the system allows glass usage up to 44 mm thickness. The system has 63 mm frame depth and 60 mm sash depth.

Frame depth63 mm
Frame height36 mm
Sash depth60 mm
Sash height60 mm
Glazing thickness28 mm
Sash-Sash connection visible width133 mm
Max. sash dimensions3200 mm x 1100 mm
Frame sash height103 mm
Max. sash weight120 KGS

Inward Opening / Outward Opening


Completed Works