Dedicate to Nature

Dogalwood – natural wood veneered on aluminium profile – is an eco-friendly and innovative product. The purpose of this product is not only to make the user feel the natural wood view & the wood texture but also avoid the disadvantages of 100% massive wood deformation, cracking and swelling by time.

Dogalwood is a eco-friendly product, in which two different materials in building sector with different properties, comes together with the most advanced technology. Dogalwood has perfectly attractive outlook and the feeling of the warmth of the natural wood. It is a unique & innovative product; wood plate is obtained from the natural bark of tree, with special techniques it is veneered on aluminium profiles and then UV based coating is applied for long-lasting outdoor applications.

Also, thanks to the wood plate veneering on aluminium, the tree consumption is very low in comparison to 100% wood usage, on the other hand it encourages the usage of aluminium which is 100% recyclable. Aluminium is the most preferred material on facad application due to it’s features; easy to fabricate, economic, strong, rigid, flat and smooth appearance. Considering the weight distribution of Dogalwood; the wood usage is %0,5 of the aluminium.

UV-resistant special coating and natural wood laminated to aluminum, here is the façade solution of tomorrow.

Facade System

Sun Breaker System

Natural wood impregnated with a thickness of 0.35 mm made of aphromosia tree, one of the most suitable tree species for outdoor conditions.

With the latest technology, wood and aluminum are welded in such a way that they cannot be separated from each other. Before this process, aluminum and wood are subjected to a special surface treatment in order to make the welding more conservative and durable.

Double component, water-based oil-based, developed natural formula that penetrates the wood well with its superior penetration (adhesion) ability. Water repellent, mold, fungus, microbological protection features, extra UV resistance and iron oxide coloration provide colorfastness.

Wooden surface width0,35 mm
Alloy6060/6063 / AlMgSi0.5 • EN 573-3 / DIN 1725
Specific Weight2.71 gr / cm³
Expansion Coefficient (20-200 ° C) 23 x 10-6
Elasticity Strength7000 N / mm²
Tensile Strength 215 N / mm² / 160 N / mm² • EN 755-2 / EN 755-2
Yield Strength160 N / mm² / 120 N / mm² • EN 755-2 / EN 755-2
Elongation A 6063-T5 / 6060-T5 8% / 8% EN 755-2 / EN 755-2

Safety is first with hidden drains and electrical lines. Material is 6063 T5 aluminium,

Offers 6 different wood options


Dark Walnut

Golden Oak




Completed Works


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