Cost Effective Performance with Thermal Feature

BASIC 56/60 KLEIDCO system is designed to give architects an integrated window and door system, allowing flexibility of design whilst providing good thermal and acoustic insulation.

BASIC 56/60 brings you chance to reduce initial investment cost within thermal insulated systems. The main difference between the two systems, BASIC56 & BASIC60 is the thickness of the thermal break.

In addition to them, BASIC 56/60 has high quality with certified performance values. It has increased static loads and functionality in case of severe weather conditions and increased level of security. As a result, it makes BASIC 56/60 a competitive architectural solution.

Besides Modern design of BASIC 56/60, the system includes all types of inward and outward opening. The range of combinations available allows the system to respond to the needs of the building.

BASIC 56 / 60 is a high-performance economic alternative system for windows & doors with it’s 56 mm frame depth, 20 mm glass fiber re-enforced polyamide thermal-break and 3 compartmental structure.

The system features all kinds of desired openings and alternatives of use for windows & doors such as inward – outward opening, tilt & turn opening, vasistas window. As Euro Groove, it can be used with all opening mechanisms including PVC opening mechanism.



It has a profile wall thickness between 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm, the system allows glass usage up to 36 mm thickness. The system has 56 mm frame depth and 65 mm sash depth.

System visible widthFixed: 50 – 66 mm;  Vent: 97,9 – 134,5 mm
System thicknessFixed: 56 – 60 mm;  Vent: 65 – 69 mm
Reinforced mullion depth131 – 135 mm
Moment of inertia of reinforced mullionlx: up to 129,83 – 138,66 cm4; ly: up to 44,58 cm4
Glazing thickness4 – 46 mm or 6 – 50 mm
Min. sash dimensions350 mm x 700 mm
Max. sash dimensions1700 mm x 2800 mm
Thermal break thickness20 mm or 24 mm
Max. sash weight150 KGS

Inward Opening / Outward Opening

basic56 (1)
basic56 (1)
basic56 (1)
basic56 (1)

Completed Works


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